Clippy is back

Every website.
Every momment.
Every tab.

Clippy MS Office assistant is now back to assist inside your browser! Add-on will add Clippy inside every website. Clippy will make random comments depending on the website. You can turn him off if he gets to grumpy, or back on if you need help!


For help installing on other browsers supporting web extensions check this link.

Thank you for installing and using Clippy Assistant extension.



Clippy fetches comments from my personal repository file - Feel free to contribute new comments for your favorite sites by making a pull request!

  • Add your entries to clippy.json file.
  • Entries are filled in format "keyword": "comment".
  • For example sitename for would be 'github', but it could also be "com" which would add this comment for all sites containing ".com" in URL.
  • You can also define an array of comments like "keyword: ["comment1", "comment2"].
  • If there are multiple comments for the same site Clippy will pick a random one.
  • I will try to merge any pull requests on regular basis.
  • Feel free to build and install your own version of Clippy if you don't want to wait for next update.

Code & Support

The full source code is available here. Feel free to contribute, share and use it in your own projects.

If you have any problems with the extension or the source code, have some new idea or suggestion please consult the links below.